Ghile refugee shapeshifter


At a Glance


Early Life

  • Grew up in a small village
  • His mother insisted he learn to read and write, so he studied under the village shaman for a brief time but it wasn’t really his thing
  • The son of a raider, he learned to fight and ride dinosaurs at a young age
  • His father was either killed or captured in an assault on one of Moreau’s Specimen Acquisition Teams
  • Shortly after, his mother was captured by a Specimen Acquisition Team
  • He never saw either of his parents again, but he resolved that he would live to see Moreau’s demise
  • Became a raider himself and was involved in several successful and several failed missions against Moreau’s forces
  • Was eventually captured and used as a test subject, where he experienced numerous induced transformations under laboratory conditions with proper containment and sedation


  • Had an unforseen and uncontrolled transformation. While transformed, he killed his cell-mate and fellow raider Karno
  • Shocked at what he had done, he found one of Karno’s femurs and filed the end to a sharp point by rubbing it on the concrete floor of his cell. He then stabbed himself in the chest with the sharpened bone and eventually passed-out from blood loss.
  • Bleeding to death and presumed dead, the guards dumped his and Karno’s remains outside the compound when they cleaned his cell.
  • It had been almost 24 hours by the time he was dumped outside, so the scavengers of the trash pit had barely gotten started on him when he transformed again.
  • This time, when he came-to, he was near a small village.

On the Run

  • One of the villagers bandaged him up and the village shaman did some healing on him.
  • That night, he transformed again and killed several of the villagers who had helped him.
  • When he came-to and realized what he had apparently done (again!) he stole some supplies and fled deep into the jungle, afraid of the villagers’ retaliation.
  • He spent the next several days out in the jungle trying to tame his inner beast.
  • Finally, he stopped changing at night and assumed he had the situation under control
  • Made his way to the port town of Yegu and negotiated passage with a smuggler who could help him skip customs

Indentured Servitude

  • Works as a dockhand in order to pay-off his debt to the smuggler who brought him <todo:>
  • Does shady jobs for money because he must pay off the smuggler in order to get his forged immigration papers that say he’s been through customs and the associated mandatory quarantine process


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