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Arrows will only hit the armored parts ;)

The Ambisians are racially identical to Humans. They originally inhabited a relatively calm region in between the two great lakes on the western side of the continent. The area around the lakes is famous for its unpredictable and violent weather. This originally limited the Ambisa to their island of calm, where they eked out subsistence from small farms, goatherding, and limited and dangerous fishing for those who dared the storms of the lakes. After a time, Agrus , the great lord of thunder and lightning, became the protector of the Ambisa. Groups of Ambisa began to understand the fickle ways of storms and gained the ability to control the weather through complex rituals. The Stormcallers remain to this day some of the most important members of Ambisian society.

Armed with their newfound control of the weather, the Ambisians set out to conquer the massive and dangerous lakes around themselves. This led to a burst of interest in shipbuilding that is still reflected in Ambisians being the greatest shipbuilders in Liverasia.

The Ambisians are best known for creating the Amibisian Empire, the largest political group in Liverasia. Individually, Ambisians can be quite varied, but Ambisians are generally fairly tolerant of other cultures and aim to assimilate them. This has actually led to a great deal of conflict with more insular and warlike societies, such as the Fremon and the Mujin.

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