Amibisian Empire

Originally formed by the Ambisa, the Ambisian Empire has become the largest and most culturally diverse empire in Liverasia. The Ambisa mastery of the weather and shipbuilding prowess allowed for the construction of the most powerful navy in Liverasia. This allowed the Ambisian Empire to control The Ambisian Aegis with no real challenge, due to the large lakes that cover much of the region and several large rivers.

While the Ambisians were developing their mastery of weather and shipbuilding, a counterculture developed that believed technology was a mistake, and advocated a return to nature. Calling themselves the Ghile, they ended up leaving the fledgling empire and set out to find new lands in simple wooden rafts and canoes.

While they might have had a challenger in their powerful neighbor, the Cid He Empire, the Cid He had no navy to challenge their control of the great lakes and difficulty using their ice magic effectively in brutal storms. The Ambisa, for their part, were unable to breach the great wall of ice that effectively seals the Cid He empire off from the rest of the continent. Rather than an uneasy truce, the two interbred, creating the Amb He and beginning a long exchange of cultural ideas, technology, and trade goods that continues to this day.

The Ambisa, having been taught flexibility from the fickleness of weather and seeing success in their open-armed mixing with the Cid He, made tolerance and assimilation core to the empire. Upon encountering any new group, the Ambisa try to engage in trade and mutually beneficial exchange of ideas, allowing the overall empire to become stronger. This pattern was extended upon the next great conflict the empire enountered in the Iron Hills of it’s northern border. The great Iron Alliance of the Goblins and Dwarves had control of the mineral reserves of the region. However, the Elynn River runs near to the Iron Hills, allowing powerful Ambisian ships to patrol the region. Rather than fight a war, the Ambisians convinced the Iron Alliance to trade many of the goods of the Cid He and the Ambisians for Iron in quantities the Iron Alliance had never before been able to transport without large ships. Gradually, this allowed both empires to flourish. With the new raw materials of the Iron Alliance, the Ambisians developed their signature lightning cannons. Far too large for individual use, the cannons harness the power of lightning blasts into artillery like blasts that remain some of the most powerful weapons in the world.

Along the way, the Ambisa encountered the Po’s (Postal Harpy Sub-race). The Po deserve special mention, as they bound the empire together with rapid communication. This became so useful that Ambisian fleets actually devote a considerable amount of space midship to special “crow’s nests” for Po to rest in their journeys, allowing fleet communcation and coordination that is unrivaled.

Sometime after the development of lightning cannons, the Ambisian fleets found the settlements of the Ghile on the island of Cambria. Far from being judgemental, the Ambisian attempted their usual trade and assimilation. However, after unfortunate infiltrations by multiple Formless Ones and encounters with the terrible creations of [[Dr Moreau | Dr Moreau]], the Ambisians abandoned plans to expand their colony on the island. Many Ghile decided to return to Ambisian society, escaping Dr Moreau and bringing their dinosaurs with them. This lead to the creation of Ambisian land forces that have come to rival their navy.

Ambisians have recently found limits to their expansion in the form of the aggressively non-integrative Bushi, the wild and uncontrollable Mujin, the uniformly hostile Fremon, and the dangerous forest of the Ents. The forest bears special mention in that the Ambisians have attempted to establish outposts along the Withywindle River. This has led to a great deal of conflict with the Ents at the outposts along the river. While the Ents are generally unable to push the Ambisians from their forts or stop the Ambisians from sending convoys along the river, the Ambisians have been unable to make progress into the dark forest of the Ents, even with Ghile legions equipped with lightning cannons.

Amibisian Empire

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