Some time after the migration of the Elves, Melkoth allowed Atropach, the Spinner of Fate through the great gate. Atropach created the Arane to act as her servants throughout the world. The Arane are burdened and gifted with visions of many possible futures, as their webs allow and force them to follow the threads of fate for whole nations. Arane have the lower half of a great spider and the upper half of a human with pale white skin. Arane webs also act as dreamcatchers, allowing them to peruse the dreams and memories of those nearby and even alter either one. Early Arane civilization began in the Forest of Alethyr around the gate from which Atropach emerged. Arane were astronomers, barely spreading from their forest and relying on their visions of the future, conversations with the Elves, and their study of the stars for information about the outside world. Their civilization was shattered when they had visions of a great calamity which would end both elven civilization and their own. Armed with this knowledge, they retreated along with the elves to a remote floating island. Horrified by the monsters which were attracted from the stars to the portals that elven civilization centered around, they gave up astronomy and are mostly terrified of the sky to this day. The Arane became drifters, moving from culture to culture and trading goods, including their premier good of Arasilk. Unbeknownst to most, the Arane use their nomadic trading as a pretext to alter the future by meddling in the minds and affairs of others. The Arane see themselves as the guardians of the future, and are determined to shape the world into what they see as a better world. However, their motivations are largely only shared with the Elves.

Figure 1: Example of an Arane

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