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An aggressive, parasitic, horned race.

Can infect a host’s lineage.

Vector Telekinesis

Vectors are invisible telekinetic arms that can cause destruction, the main source of power for the Dyclonious. They even allow for flight, or flight-like leaps. When a host is touched, but not killed by a Dyclonious vector, they become infected. While the host may not go through any changes themselves, their offspring will be born a Dyclonious. Sporting cute little horns that will eventually be able to create deadly little arms capable of destruction, they will betray their race and try to create more Dyclonious, or kill all that oppose it.
Dyclonious typically have 2 or 4 vector arms, that are around 6 feet long. The number of vectors varies from individual to individual, as does the maximum length at which they can stretch them.

The vectors are controlled and created by a Dyclonious’ horns. One or both will need to be cut off to stop it’s telekinetic arms.
A Dyclonius can overexert itself, and will render its vector useless(but still infectious) for a period. In severe cases, the host or vector itself will deteriorate.

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