• Fair-skinned, slender, pointy ears; basically your stereotypical elves
  • Immortal – can die from wounds, but not sickness or old age
  • Forgotten by modern memory – The Arane have been erasing memories of them for a long time, but there may be written accounts of them for protagonists to stumble upon
  • Naturally empathic – they can feel the joy/pain/emotions/etc of beings around them
  • Elves are somewhat androgynous – other races may initially have a hard time distinguishing between male/female elves
  • Between immortality and empathic nature, Elves had no need to develop written language and instead maintain a rich history of oral tradition
  • Can permanently give up their immortality to get rid of their empathy – only way they can fight effectively, but it is an incredibly heavy price to pay so Elves are extremely reluctant to fight despite having so much potential military power
    Figure 1: Look at this elf. What gender is it? I can’t even tell!

First Age
The first sentient race to arrive in the world, Elves came from an unknown dimension through Melkoth’s first (and largest) gate. They settled in the Forest of Alethyr and eventually built their first city, Myalune. Their oral histories describe this as a time of great peace where meditation, art, poetry, song, and dance were their greatest concerns. Their favorite past time is entering a trance-like state where their minds become one with a particular tree/plant/animal. More skilled practitioners can meld with multiple creatures at the same time. Elves sometimes spend months or even years at a time in this state, presumably gathering the energy to survive through some kind of photosynthesis or perhaps even sharing the life of the beings they are melding with.

As the eons wore on, some of the elves began to grow restless. They felt as though they were one with all of the creatures in the Forest of Alethyr and began to explore the world, seeking new creatures to understand. Eventually, a group of elves began to focus on shipbuilding and founded the harbor city of Sheme Thalas on the southern bank of the Withywindle River. Due to their empathic nature, they did not harm any living creatures to create their boats. As such, their first forays into shipbuilding involved canoes made of tightly-bound bundles of dead grasses. As they began to travel further distances, they needed more durable ships and developed wooden boats. They traveled great distances and sometimes waited years for a particular tree to die so they could use it in their boats.

It was around this time the Arane arrived in the Forest of Alethyr. The elves were excited to meet another sentient race and readily welcomed the Arane, teaching them the basics of meditation. (but not melding)

Second Age

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