Fremon culture evolved in the relative isolation and harshness of the great southern desert. Fremon culture is extremely focused on survival, to the point that water is the primary form of wealth. Fremon live in small tightly linked clans that are based in cave dwellings called Sietches. Clans of Fremon send out nomadic parties that roam the desert looking for resources regularly.

Fremon have a fairly strong warrior culture that governs their daily lives. All Fremon are expected to contribute to the survival of their Sietch, and Fremon generally obey the leader of their tribe (the Naib) without question. However, Fremon brook no weakness amongst their leaders, and generally Naibs are chosen through rites of combat, with older Naibs eventually killed by a younger challenger. Despite their warrior culture, Fremons are somewhat egalitarian outside of their direct leaders, with most resources divided relatively evenly for the good of the tribe. Additionally, warrior bands are filled in an almost uniformly meritocratic manner, with those with the most useful skills for a given task being assigned that role.

Fremon have mastered the art of riding colossal native Wyrms of the desert. These Wyrms begin life a few feet in length and about six inches in diameter. Wyrms can live for centuries, however, and many of the great Wyrms are actually the size of skyscrapers. Wyrms are attracted to rhythmic motion on the sand, and are naturally quite hostile. Fremon Wyrmriders have developed a set of practices for calling wyrms and riding on them with specialized hooks. These hooks can lift up the armor plates of Wyrms, allowing sand to hit their soft innards. This can cause a Wyrm to change direction naturally, allowing a skilled Wyrmrider to control a Wyrm. Due to their mastery of riding Wryms, the Fremon have been able to repel any incursion into the desert, even if backed by powerful empires.

Fremon are an incredibly superstitious people. Due to the nearby Dychlonius, Fremon have a zealous anti-“Witchcraft” culture, complete with an cross Sietch group of inquisitioners called the Fedaykin. The Fedaykin were able to push out the influence of the Dychlonius, but the Fremon became, if anything, more insular and xenophobic as a result.


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