At a Glance
– Dinosaur-taming savages
– Fervently anti-technology
– Names tend to follow the rule Adjective —> Noun (eg “Peaceful River”, “Wise Tree”, etc)
– The best race/group at taming ferocious animals (legend even tells of a man named “Crisp Rat” who trained raptors to hunt with him)


An offshoot of the Ambisa who rejected technology and chopped down a bunch of trees to move to Cambria. Their culture revolved around dinosaur training. Many came back to the mainland and rejoined the Ambisa later, and others were enslaved by Dr Moreau. There are still pockets of savage dinosaur trainers in the back woods of Cambria.

The Ghile as a political entity are now weak, but their tribal villages control part of Cambria.

Inner Culture
There used to be several large tribes on Cambira, until they united to fight against Dr Moreau and were massacred by his fortresses defenses. With the leaders who had unified their tribes dead, the Ghile coalition fell apart with small groups going into hiding deep in the jungle. Those who stayed in the big villages were captured or slain by roving gangs of Dr Moreau’s henchmen. The only remaining Ghile on Cambria live in small, secluded tribes deep in the jungle who are very territorial and extremely distrustful of outsiders.



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