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-Basically straight ripped off WoW Goblins.
-Tinkerers, hardworking, competitive, and avaricious
-A large portion of the population caravan around on the tops of the larger patrolling Instantiated.
- Boston Accent

The goblins used to only inhabit the cylindrical cliffs of Arecibo. However, this changed when the Instantiated decided to build a ruin over it. With a knack for kludging and propensity for machines. The goblins managed to coexist with, or rather, on top of the larger Instantiated. Using them as shelter and a means to travel from one end of the Highway. How exactly this process of being flagged as friendly is closely guarded secret, that or the last one to really remember how it works forgot, either way…

They have joined the Iron Alliance with Standing and Dwarves.

Inner Culture
The traveling caravans of goblins are essentially walking mobile towns. Traveling around as merchants and machinists for hire between cities. Profit and time-management (time is money!) are important values. Each dreams of one day owning this place, whatever place that may be.

Other goblins also work as labor in mines in Arecibo and in Utuado.

Outer Culture
Part of the Iron Alliance; the Goblins have brought it serious mechanical know-how and a sharp business savvy.

Important Cities
Arecibo – The main standing city of the goblins, and their origin. The city is a manufacturing and trade hub,. The city is built into the large cylindrical crevasse
that shares its name.

Utuada – Primarily a mining and refining point in the goblin trade machine. A particular ore of worth named electrum is mined here (among others). This ore is particularly used in Goblin Engineering.

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