-Automatons of various shapes and sizes from various times. Inspired by Modrons from 3rd ed.
-Generally single-minded and focused on particular directive. Strictly hierarchical to an incredible fault: directive can only be changed from a superior directly one rank above in your organization and directive can be delegated to units directly one rank in your organization below
-Most are ancient and not received new directives for ages, and thus their directives often nonsensical to anyone today. Instantiated were also not immune to the ‘telephone game’ problem.

Sometime around world genesis, a piece of some world ship was ejected and crashed landed in Liverasia. This section was largely a manufacturing section and was overseen by an AI named… actually that sector of memory got corrupted upon entry and was set to [NULL]. Due to this, [NULL] was unable to direct its workers directly and was left to using manipulation and redirection of it’s subordinates and knowledge of their standing directives to get anything done. This worked initially, with some successful construction and manipulation of local resources, but became increasingly difficult as years went by. The instantiated began action increasingly arbitrary, even to the point of recycling most of [NULL] itself.

The architecture of the Instantiated is absurdly durable and is nearly untouched by time. Due to this and their aimlessness, a large number of ‘ruins’ are dotted across Liverasia. They also constructed a large highway (raised roman aqueduct style) spanning across a large portion of the island.

Divisions of Instantiated were once manufactured as a test-bed for overlord units to practice species domestication/uplifting. They were thus built with a simulacrum of sentience akin to regular races, so that the overlords could experiment and discover the most optimal methods to shepherd a race.

One overlord was particularly successful with its techniques and was therefore amalgamated with a psionics unit to produce the template for the Fragmented. A division of sentient artifacts with the ability to mentally manipulate their wielders to the Fragmented unit’s ends. They originated in a sizable ruins in the mountains around the middle of Liverasia.

The remaining overlords and their responsible flocks were largely recycled. However, the overlord that had been used to synthesize the Fragmented was gone, so there were no units to bother disposing and recycling that division of test units. Thus Liverasia was left with a very vaguely hominid-ish division of Instantiated. Referred to as the Standing (reclaimed from their original designation of the “Stand-in”), they came to largely inhabit the center outpost along the highway. They’ve joined the Iron Alliance with Goblins and Dwarves.

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