Originally hailing from the poison swamp, the Kaeru were a savage people who hunted their prey using crude instruments and poison derived from their own secretions. After the Daeyang demanded sacrifice from the Scythian, the Scythian began to capture Kaeru as slaves and sacrifices.

After the founding of the Bushi, members of the Order of the Scale attempted to liberate the Kaeru, preaching self mastery and discipline as the way to salvation. Some took to their teachings and joined the Bushi, forming the Knights of Ramoth. Other Kaeru found the Order of the Scale far too strict for their tastes, and dispersed throughout many other empires.

Kaeru that are not members of the Knights of Ramoth tend to be laid back. This is often in strange contrast to their natural skill as assasins due to their stealth and poison.

Some Kaeru remain in small tribes in their ancestral swamp. Kaeru also sometimes are employed as mercenaries, particularly amongst the Mujin.

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