A group of loosely organized nomadic tribes engaged in constant warfare with one another. Initially, they got many of their supplies by attempting to raid the highway of the Instanstiated.

Politically, the Mujin do not amount to much, but their varied tribes collectively control the parts of the great planes that the Instantiated have not claimed for their highway.

One source of division amongst the Mujin comes from the constant manipulation by the Fragmented. Whenever one warlord rises and tries to build a powerful tribe under the guiding whispering of a Fragment, internal divisions or other Fragment powered warlords tend to knock the would be great warlord down.

Mujin domesticated the great lizards who roamed the plain long ago, which they use for both labor and as battle mounts. This fact has made them somewhat unpopular with the Draconians, who also object to their general lack of discipline and focus. Mujin are fantastically battle-hardened, however, and have thus resisted any attempts at colonization or integration into a larger empire. However, their lack of focus has also made them schizophrenic conquerors at best, often having their successful attacks fragment into disorganized bands of infighting looters who either slip away from the main force or end up being mopped up by the inevitable counterattack.

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