Po's (Postal Harpy Sub-race)

Family-Centric, Transient, Sense of Duty

A subrace of the harpies: smaller and lacks the hands of their progeneters. However, their wings are more developed and they have two tongues in their beaks. They often travel in flocks made of a few families and others to deliver post to various locations with a postal tower.They often wear helmets/headgear with various tools their use their tongues to manipulate – a swiss army helmet, if you will.

A subrace of the harpies: cast out by their bigger brethren under the influence of the spirit of xenophobia. They were pushed out to the northern most ridge of the mountains. They established a great nesting tower-city, Bl’urn (Bl-uh-urn), and, filled with wanderlust, began meeting other cultures. They soon found a niche as long distance postmasters. They erected postal towers in various cities and using their tower city as a hub, established the Po’stal Service.

Po’s have the handy ability to imprint upon a location that contains a particular type of lodestone mined in the mountains or synthed by particular artisans. This allows them to find their way to that location forever, preventing them from ever being lost.

Inner Culture
Family is incredibly important to the Po’s and it is orthodox to stay together if they do not marry into others. It is common for parents to have their young slung around them until they are ready to fly for themselves.
Flocks travel from Bl’urn to their major destination and deliver their post, often taking a 10-40 day rest, and then make trek back to Bl’urn with the return post.

Individuals not involved in the Po’stal trade proper are sometimes employed as individual couriers in larger cities or those with a vessel outfitted with a miniature postal tower. Independents are also often lawyers, notaries, scholars, or some other profession that values their love of words and paper.

The transient Po’s greatly value small trinkets and jewelry. In addition to the vanity value, they represent a more portable (and universal) form of currency than standard money.

Outer Culture
The Po’s are unusually true to their word, and will go to great lengths to fulfill their duties. Their skilled wordcraft also often has them playing the role of notary, translators, and lawyers.

Po serve an essential role in the Amibisian Empire, acting as a powerful group of messengers that bind the empire together. They are so useful, that larger Ambisian ships have a special structure in the middle of the shift to act as a mobile roost for Po, affectionately called the crow’s nest. Crow’s nests always have a core made from lodestone, allowing Ambisian fleets to be reached by Po regardless of where they might sail.

Important Cities
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Nuncio, the great post office.

Po’s main export is high quality paper and products made from it.

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Po's (Postal Harpy Sub-race)

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