Race Template

A quick template to help organize thoughts and purpose meaningful questions.

-List some quick stereotypes of this race
-Most important cultural notes

-If it comes up, and there is a disambiguation between what would be common knowledge and what would be uncommon or unknown, please make it apparent.
-Are there some recent struggles/events that are defining this race at the moment

Inner Culture
-Help us understand what values are important to this race’s culture.
-What are some typical lifestyles/careers?

Outer Culture
-How does this race fit into the world and current establishments?
-What do other races think about this one?
-Do they trade or cooperate with any other races? Keep in mind that if Race A’s page mentions Race B’s, it may be important to add to Race B’s page something about this note.

Important Cities
-Names and a synopsis of the major cities you built. There may be more assumed towns,outposts, and etc but focus on those big cities you places on the map.
-Help us get a feel for the place
-Any important buildings or organizations of note?

Race Template

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