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-Monk-like, history focused, very ritualistic
-Bug people, some use bone exoskeletons they themselves wove.

An instectoid race that dwell around the blood lake. They have a reverence for ancestors and history and the power gained from the rote recounting of these (Bardic Lore). They practice bone manipulation magic (Calciomancy), in fact some completely eschew their normal form for exoskeletons wrought from caliomanced bone.

Some ages ago, their living Matron ancestor, the Queen That Is, offered herself as sacrifice to the Daeyang’s bloodthirsty diety. After being consumed, great spikes and thorns of serrated bone burst from the skin of the Great Kraken. Afterwards becoming a deity of self-flagellation and masochism. Some Syth order believe in recounting the previous teachings of the Queen-That-Is, while others believe in worshiping the current amalgamation she has become.

Others, still, are Poachers, following the initial directive of the Great Kraken and partake in the capture and ritualistic sacrifice of others, namely the Kaeru.

Inner Culture
-Help us understand what values are important to this race’s culture.
-What are some typical lifestyles/careers?

Outer Culture
-How does this race fit into the world and current establishments?
-What do other races think about this one?
-Do they trade or cooperate with any other races? Keep in mind that if Race A’s page mentions Race B’s, it may be important to add to Race B’s page something about this note.

Important Cities

Q’thsh , Th’rypt , Ra’lpt

Q’thsh (Western City)- Capital City of the Syth, filled with museums and venues in the center, while heavily fortified on the perimeter. Additionally sports a port which has since expanded intentsely from a Daeyang district located on and just-off-port

Th’rypt (South-East City) – Trade Center for the Syth, the Daeyang are rather integrated in this town, as it is located on a river connected to the Daeyang’s trade city.

Relp (North-East City) – Mystical center for the Sythian, this city is dominated with monasteries and schools of magic (especially Calciomancy). Blood from the lake is especially culturally important and often used in rituals. This fixation on blood is to the point of being unusual outside of the city.

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